Delays, darlings and daddy…

So, more than two weeks on, we’re all still basking in the glow of beating multi-time National Champions the London Olympians, but in the words of Head Coach Matt Roberts, “it’s just another win…”. So, we’ve had a bit of a break from competition recently, and even a rare week off training! So, now we’re full steam ahead for the remaining 2 games of the season. In fact, this could end up being 3 games, after we were forced to postpone the game against East Kent Mavericks earlier this season. However, the Mavericks seemingly have no desire to re-arrange the game, and this seems destined to be awarded as a tie. Not ideal, and we’re not pleased about it, because we’ve offered them 6 or 7 alternative dates, ranging from Friday nights through to Sundays, and, for one lame reason or other, they apparently can’t play. Seems strange to me, because evidently they’re not even planning to train over these weekends either!


Still, that’s a discussion for another forum – instead we’re looking forward to the re-match against Bedfordshire next on 2nd August. Bedfordshire was the first game of the season, and a ragged looking Gladiators team beat them 20-0. Both teams have improved dramatically since then, so it promises to be a tough game.

However, the 2nd August seems very far away… So i’m sure there are more important things people want me to discuss… Most notably, my love life. For those who attended the London Olympians game, they may have been privy to a minor explosion on that side of my life, as my ex and current girlfriends met for the first time. The explosion really was a result of the current girlfriend not knowing much about the ex, and the ex not realising that she actually was an ex… Still, that’s probably another issue best left alone for this forum. Buy me a beer and i’ll tell you the story….

Anyway, in the last entry i began the quest for look-a-likes amongst Gladiator nation, but alas, nobody actually volunteered any suggestions save for one person who suggested that our aging defensive back, Nick Foxley actually bore a striking resemblance to guy who was helping with the stats on the sideline. Sadly, they neglected to take into account that the assistant statistician was none other than Nick’s twin brother, John. Thanks for that….

Ok, so there are a couple more look-a-likes this time around. The first is one that has been mooted a couple of times amongst the team, and one which has been the subject of much discussion over the last few weeks. Our stout, albino defensive tackle Dave “couldn’t be more trailer park trash if my name was Cleetus” Crane, bears a stunning resemblance to a certain Gladiators Marketing manager and photographer – Martin “Rams fan, no Saints, or Tigers, or the team local to whomever i’m talking to now” Wilmott.

Like Father....

Like Father....

....Like Son!

....Like Son!

Whilst you’re unlikely to mistake one for the other, if you look closely there’s certainly a patriarchal look to Martin. We all know that Martin puts in a lot of hard work behind the scenes at the club, but we never realised that he put in the “hard work” all those years ago when little Dave was a mere glint in Martin’s eye… Dave initially laughed off the thought, but when i probed further he commented “Well, i never really knew my father, and yet all the baby pictures mum has of me look like they were done professionally…” The realisation in Dave’s eyes is truly priceless.

The second look-a-like is certainly more in the spirit of the contest. These two people share the same height, the same weight, the same silly grin, the same funny ears, and the same colouring (after a few drinks and a dodgy kebab at least….). Jocular Offensive Lineman, and El Presidente of Colchester General Hospital, George Meighan, is the elder statesman of the Offense, and never short of a story or twenty.

The Model...

The Model...


However, he disappeared for a couple of weeks a few years ago. He claimed it was for a diving holiday. In fact he was used as the model for the design of this character….

...the finished article

...the finished article

That’s right, George and Shrek. One and the same. It’s so obvious now i’ve told you….

So, as ever, any suggestions for future topics of discussion or look-a-likes are very welcome!


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