Legends, losses and Lambrini…

August 14, 2008

Ups and Downs – surely the only way to describe what’s happened in the last few games.

So, we conquer the undefeated Cambridge, only to find ourselves confronted by the seemingly relentless Mavericks. East Kent have been pushing for the playoffs, and trying to make a point to the league about how they’re developing, and seemed destined to be the team to watch behind the Cobras this season. However, they hadn’t counted on a certain Leo Beckford.

Leo stormed through the Mavericks like… well, like a Beckford through a secondary, and rushed for almost 300 yards, and 6 touchdowns, equalling a Gladiator record set by running back Mel Moore back in the golden days. We absolutely trounced them and their GB defence. They just couldn’t keep up with us. True, they took a nice lead early in the game, but that only spurred us on to greater things throughout, as we racked up over 500 yards of rushing on them.

Having taken the lead in the playoff race, we next had to entertain the Essex Spartans. Local derby, bragging rights at stake, but more than that – playoff football at stake…

Essex were big, aggressive and dirty (much like George on a bad day), but again, were no match for the Slider & Leo double act. Despite truly torrential rain, these two recorded some fantastic stats, taking us to a comfortable 65-16 win.

All attention on the Cobras…

Could we?

Erm, no.

Actually we travelled with about 24 guys, we had the Offensive Co-ordinator kitting up and starting on the OL, and we had guys dropping like flies all around. Fact is the Cobras are just too good. Too quick, too strong, too agile, too young, and with far greater depth (and i’m not just talking about the potholes in the pitch!). A 44-0 drubbing ensued, where all Gladiators just wanted to bury their heads in the sand. Still we have Maidstone Pumas visiting Colchester this week, and then, barring any major upsets, we’ll be making a trip to South Wales for the first playoff game the following week.

The highlights for me over the last week really didn’t come from football, but actually from Cricket. Frinton’s Cricket Week is an annual affair where drunken louts (me) make fools of themselves and generally have a week where the haze rarely lifts. This year was no exception. Despite working for the first part of the week, i still managed to cram in 3 days of debauchery. I heard stories that would make most people cringe, tales of filthy goings on in tents, cars, on the beach and around the cricket club. We caused carnage, lighting fires, throwing tomatoes, drinking Lambrini… we lost a person (honestly, he was there one minute, gone the next – still hasn’t been found), we had our testicles burned, we celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, and memorials, and we even squeezed in a bit of cricket too. Most of the stories are far too graphic for this blog, so if you’re that interested, come along next year, and join the carnage – i’ve got two guys signed up already!