50 – 10 = 40…

Quiz night again, and the intrepid foursome had high hopes of setting the standard in preparation for the Gladiators Quiz night next Friday. However, all good things come to an end, and after regaining their championship crown last week, it was cruelly stolen from them…mainly because Mark, our beloved primary school teacher, can’t count.

Anyway, we had a feeling it wasn’t going to be our night when the first question came up, “What is the name for a chicken that is less than a year old?” Erm…

But we recovered from an early stumble and rapidly pulled out some corking answers. Author of the Water Babies – Charles Kingsley, Jeroboam – 4 bottles, and my favourite, “if James is 5, Henry is 3 and Edward is 2, then who is 1?” Think about it. Could it be a trick question? Some kind of embedded code? Nope, it’s far simpler than that…It’s Thomas the Tank Engine!

However, throughout the quiz, George and Mark tried to make us slip up… “In equine terms, how much does a hand measure?” Mark and I were tossing numbers around, like 4 and a half inches, 6 inches, etc. And George chirps up… “18 inches” he says. Dave and i look at each other, before Dave replies, “Well, they say that a good size horse is about 17 hands, which would make it 25 and a half feet tall.” In fairness, that would be a good size horse… We settled on 4, more in hope than expectation, but we came up trumps on that one.

Another question that made us ponder was “Which is the only animal to have a tongue but cannot stick it out of its mouth?” Various things were mentioned – shark, crocodile, platypus – before we guessed at Crocodile, fully expecting the answer to be alligator! But, another moment of triumph when Crocodile earned us the point.

Comical moment of the night came when the question “Who was the arch enemy of cartoon character Elmer J. Fudd?” Dave, George and I leaned in to whisper the obvious answer, Bugs Bunny. But we all decided there was no point even saying it, because it was too obvious. So, naturally we expected Mark to be writing this down, but instead he broke out into hysterical laughter. When we asked him what was wrong, apparently the three of us simultaneously leaning forward and backwards tickled him. And, no, he didn’t know the answer. God only knows what Mark was doing when the rest of us were watching cartoons.

I do know for sure that he wasn’t sailing anywhere though. “How deep is a fathom of water?” Mark’s almost instantaneous reply was “12 miles”. No Mark. Just No…

So, we feel quietly confident with our score of 41, despite knowing that we’d mentioned a couple of answers in passing, and not written them down. However, our hopes are dashed when another team declares 41 as well. We fear a tie breaker on our hands, and after the 15 question marathon the other week, we were dreading the tension. But we needn’t have worried. Mark had added our scores wrong, and we only had 40. Despite checking and double checking, he still insisted that we had 41. A quick count revealed 10 wrong answers, and thus, a score of 40.

So, denied this week, but we’re hopeful that next week will help us add to the wine kitty…


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