Super Bowl fever…

So, Super Bowl Weekend has been and gone for this year, but boy did it leave an impression!

This year, the Gladiators joined forces with the Essex Blades who were hosting a party at the University, so a small crowd of us wandered that way for the big game. Glads on parade were myself, our venerable Chairman Dave Hogarth, Dave Crane, a brace of Foxleys, George Meighan, Mark Gilbranch, and, Making his Super Bowl debut, Sam Hogarth. So, we sat towards the back watching the big screen, and something caught our eye. Something pink, something very tiny, and something just peeking out to say hello. At this point we realised that we were in a Student Union… in Essex… so of course it was a bright pink thong. Needless to say none of us minded a little distraction, and for some, that was the closest they’d been to a glimpse of flesh for quite some time…

Anyway, as we were admiring the view, Coach T comes over and specifies the rules for the night’s proceedings. Every kick that goes up, we drink for the hang time. Every first down is two fingers, as was every penalty. And at the end of a quarter, or when the ball was turned over, that was a shot of something short. We were mildly concerned by this, but, T’s our coach, we trust him implicitly and we do as he says…

So, the kick goes up, the beer goes down, and we’re underway. The beer flows, the shots go down and everybody is at ease. Well, almost everybody. Some idiot in a big hat jumps up and down a lot at the front. Someone else throws something at him and he sits down. Everybody is happy again. The pink thong makes another appearance, and everybody is even happier.

The game itself wasn’t the cleanest, most exciting football, and seemed a little cagey at times, but we were all gripped. At least, almost all of us. On occasion it was noticed that George and the Fabulous Foxley Brothers may have had somewhat heavy eyelids. Mind you, they weren’t doing the quantity of drink that the rest of us were.

Into the second half, and the first down celebrations became more animated, the beer (and later the snakebite) disappeared more quickly, and the shots were starting to pile up. As we hit the 4th quarter, 14 year old Sam makes a bold move, declaring that if the Patriots hold on for the win, he’d drink the remaining shots on the table. At this stage, there were 8 Apple Sourz waiting for him. However, it wasn’t to be, and when Eli Manning drove the Giants 80 yards down the field to snatch victory, deep into the 4th quarter, it meant that Sam’s thirst would go unquenched.

As we stumbled back down the stairs we came across the elusive Coach T, escorting a young lady into a taxi. We never saw her face, but we did see something else. Glinting in the moonlight we noticed something pink, something very tiny, and something just peeking out to say hello…


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