Camp no. 2

Firstly, apologies for the delay in posting – time seems to have escaped me!

Now, just under a fortnight ago we held our second mini-camp for new and experienced players alike, and again it was a massive success – mainly because i didn’t keel over and die!

It began, bright and breezy on Saturday morning. Turnout was good, in excess of 50 guys there ready to play. A swift warm up was followed by some work in position specific units, which left the O-line in the capable hands of Coach Neil O’Hare. Rumour abounded that the Coach hadn’t got lucky in some time, seemingly reinforced by his desire to see some large chunks of humanity thrusting their hips. Personally, i think he likes it because we can’t run away too quickly…

Then, into some scrimmaging – the QBs enhanced their reputations as dainty little pretty boys by gently tossing passes for gains of about 5, and handing the ball off to the depleted running back corps – led by Duncan Flack. Duncan is the polar opposite to Neil, encouraging his guys to keep their hips level, and not thrust at all. Apparently running backs don’t need the thrust that linemen do. I’ve yet to ask one of Duncan’s recent conquests to verify this though.

Sunday saw more of the same, but with the added element of some agility training. And i have to tell you, if you’ve never seen a fat man wiggle, it’s quite hypnotic…. Run to the cones and back again. Then jump over the hurdle and run to the cone. Follow that with Bunny hops over more hurdles, running over tacklebags, sidestepping around cones, and then a bit of rhythmic shuffling through a ladder. Needless to say there were some small men who struggled with the hurdles, some big men who struggled with the hops, and some bigger men who finished with both feet tied together in the ladder. Still, we’re at the mercy of the Coaches…

More positional drills followed this, and as the linemen and i stood stamping our feet, i glanced over at the receivers and the DBs. They were running across the field retrieving balls and racing each other back. The linebackers were sprinting, back-pedalling, sprinting, recovering a fumble and running it back, and the running backs were running everywhere. I crouched in my stance, moved one foot forward 6 inches, before bringing it back. It was right then i realised i was probably playing in the right position…

More scrimmaging after that, a few new plays and some exciting new blocking schemes. That’s clearly a recipe for disaster, and sure enough the QBs were brought to the floor on more than one occasion, but there’s plenty of time to iron out the kinks. I hope.

All in all, both camps were a resounding success. We’ve got over 25 new players, many returning guys, and a strong looking roster for next season. With fixtures announced soon, were all excited and keen to put it all into practice as soon as we can.


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