Pipped at the Post…

Well, frustration set in this week. We were able to record our highest ever score – 42/50, and yet were beaten by one point.

This week did however see two remarkable facts come to light… Firstly, Dave Hogarth has a truly enviable array of musical knowledge. Not just music, but comedy songs seem to be his speciality. Dave instantly came to life when we were posed the query “which song contained the line ‘Don’t look Ethel!'”, and when asked “whose love rival was Two Ton Ted from Teddington”, his face lit up as if Christmas had come early. Rumour has it, Dave did a detailed study of “Ernie the Fastest Milkman in the West” back in school, and so had that question nailed down.

And the second fact is that Mark, no matter how hard he tries (and remember, Mark’s a school teacher) cannot spell. One question sumed this up perfectly. “What was the name of the cartoon character who chases the Roadrunner?”. We all know that it’s this chap here….


…but could Mark spell his name? Not a hope. So, picture the scene, the question is asked, slight bit of conferring to ensure we’ve got the right answer, then we look to Mark to write it down. Under the pressure of the three expectant glares from his team-mates he cracks. WHYLY… No Mark, try again. WILY… better, but keep trying. eventually we let him finish the answer and we’re presented with WYLIE KYATE. Evidently, the logic was that WYLIE would rhyme with KYLIE. But to be honest we were too busy laughing to see that. “No Mark, there’s an O in it…” Sure enough, he starts again and we get WYLIE KYOTE. Cue further merriment. Not really sure what the other teams were thinking when we were rolling on the floor in hysterics, so much so that we nearly missed the following question. Eventually we settled with WYLIE COYOTE (for anyone checking, it should be Wile E. Coyote), and we moved on.

However, dear old Eric, the quizmaster with all the patter, won’t let us move on. When he goes through the answers, we get him fumbling around with what are seemingly random letters. “Willy kyata, er, Wilehe… not that’s not right” he mutters in his thick Stoke accent. “Koiata…coyoty…ka…” Eventually he stops… “you know who i mean!” Eric, the Man, the Myth, the Legend.

I think the main consolation from our has to come from the fact that Mark was truly delighted to beat his nemesis – the white haired man with the thick glasses. Looks like a proper Quiz regular around the circuit. In fact, it’s exactly how Mark will look in 10 years’ time…


Well, that and the fact that Eric said he would be available should we want him for a Gladiators quiz night…


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