Wednesday came around again and somewhat lethargically we arrived at the pub. England were losing to Croatia, and the mood was sombre. Things did not improve when our illustrious 4th member, a certain Mr. Hogarth, sent word through that he would not be joining us. Naturally we did what any supportive team mates would do, and immediately set about thinking of excuses and reasons why we could blame Dave for our impending defeat…

So, with the three remaining members attempting to fill the gaping void left by the Chairman, the quiz commenced. Question 1, “Which Actor played Superman in the original films?”ok, Christopher Reeve, that one’s easy enough. “Question 2, Who was Einstein’s mother’s lover’s daughter’s cousin?” – well, not really, but it might as well have been! The quiz spiralled rapidl out of control. Questions about Karl D. Saunerbraun, women getting shot, blood clots and barcodes all left us a little dazed and confused, so when we reached the half way point, it was fair to say we weren’t feeling confident. “Blog moment” of the night came from – you guessed it – Mark Gilbranch, who, when posed with the question “What is Ombraphobia?” replied with “Ombra, that’s a bit like Umbro. What’s the Umbro logo?”


“So, fear of concentric diamonds is it Mark?” For anyone keeping score, it’s actually fear of rain, so he was close…

So the second half of the quiz begins, and it’s fair to say that at this stage the excuses are flying.. “Well, Dave would have known that”, “Maybe if Dave was here we’d have been able to brainstorm that one”, “If Dave had been sat in that seat he could have seen over to the answer sheets on the next table”, “If Dave knows about Campanology, then he should know what a costamonger is!” And so on…

But it truly was a game of two halves, and we roared back into contention after the interval. With such spectacular answers as “Kenneth Graham wrote the Wind in the Willows”, and that the “Graf Spee was the German battleship scuttled off Montevideo in 1939”, we found our confidence building. Coincidentally this was at the same time that news of England pulling back to 2-2 filtered through.

However, England eventually succumbed to the Croats, and we thought we’d succumb to the “quiz powerhouses” who win every week. Dave always says that a winning total is 40 out of 50. We’d got 34. I’ll get my coat…

But then, something odd happened. Nobody admitted to having a score over 40. Or over 35. We’re back in the game! We declared 34, two teams had 33, and another 32. It was tight, so Eric wanted to mark them himself.

The tension builds…

…sweat beads on our brow…

…hearts pounding…

…and then…

“So, this week’s winners, with 34 points is ‘Glad To Be Back'”

VICTORY! Who needs Hogarth and his “you’ve got to get 40 to win” attitude! A bottle of wine and 18 quid was ours! Hooray! In your face quiz geniuses! Champions again….

However, the best was yet to come…

Eric returned our quiz sheet, having clearly marked us as having 33 instead of 34. On top of that, there were at least two occassions he’d marked a correct answer wrong, and when he marked a worng answer right. The latter was interesting – “What was the first product to be barcoded?” We put Tea Bags, the answer – Chewing Gum. Not really similar, but similar enough to fool Eric!

But we’re not complaining – winners again!

P.S. I asked my other half some of the questions after the quiz, to see if she could manage any of them. My favourite was he answer to “What’s the most common road name in Britain?” The correct answer – High Street. Her answer – M25. She’s not normally that stupid, honest….


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