Quiz night again

It’s that time again, Wednesday night, quiz night!

So, this week we were joined by Gladiators Media and Marketing manager Martin Wilmott.

martinw.jpgMartin has done a fantastic job promoting the Club, and is largely responsible for all the photos of the Gladiators appearing around Essex. Liasing with potential sponsors, producing promotional material, and developing a strategy for the Colchester Gladiators is a massive challenge, but it’s fair to say he faced his greatest challenge yet – Flipping Eck’s quiz!

Now, normally Mark leaves an impression with his witty banter and comedy answers, but this time, something else made the statement for him. A bright pink, skin tight jumper…


Now it’s fair to say that Mark’s worked hard in the gym and is certainly looking better, but this jumper had definitely had a good couple of hours in the tumble dryer to get it as tight as it was. But enough of Quentin Crisp’s fashion sense…

Mark’s jumper was actually only the first of his trio of faux pas for the evening. The second was his spelling on the answer sheet – one of the greatest actors of his, or any other, generation was spelt “Errel Flyne”, and apparently the largest lizard on earth is the “Kimono dragon”. Again, let me remind you that Mark is in charge of educating our children.

As ever though, Mark’s general knowledge was stunning. After I’d remembered that Victor Hugo was the author of the “Hunchback of Notre Dame”, Dave had explained that Ernie the Fastest Milkman in the West had a horse named Trigger, George knew that Clint Eastwood wrote, directed and starred in a movie as Josey Wales, and Martin knew that 6 greyhounds were in a race, Mark’s contribution was that the hippo on Rainbow was called George. First class that one Mark.

As for comedy, Gilbranch never disappoints. When he wasn’t asking the elderly couple on the next table for answers, he was getting pilloried by his team-mates all of whom were waiting for inevitable “Gilbranch-ism”. And he didn’t disappoint.

One question was the stand out this week – In the middle ages, long bows were constructed from Yew trees, but what were the arrows made of? Well, that had us stumped. Lots of different types of wood, but what makes the best arrows? We started to discuss it. Dave kcked off with “Oak?”. “Can’t be”, Mark says, “the arrows would be too big!” Needless to say, there was a pause for laughter. When we came to our senses, Martin suggests “Willow?”. Mark’s reaction was to be expected, “but willows weep and droop, they wouldn’t make arrows from that”. Dave, the calming influence as ever, chips in with “it’s a good hard wood, they make cricket bats out of it”. Mark pauses, you can almost hear the cogs turning… “but they’d still be pretty big arrows”. Priceless. Absolutely priceless.


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