Further Introductions…

So, time to introduce a few more of the faces around Colchester…

pinner.jpgWith all the notorious number 81’s around the league, Terrell Owens, Randy Moss, et al, Steve Pinner is a breath of fresh air. Our premier tight end, Steve catches pretty much everything thrown in his direction, and despite his wirey exterior can be a ferocious blocker. A coach driver by trade, Steve never failed to explain the rules of the road to Mark on the drive to Wembley, mainly during one of Mark’s many attempted U-turns…


nfoxley.jpgAs briefly mentioned, the reason we drove to Wembley was because a minibus had been misplaced. This was the fault on one man (well, not really, but we need to blame someone), Nick Foxley. Nick is our ageless cornerback, whose enthusiasm knows no bounds. Wearing number 87 he’s regularly seen flying across the field to hit some unsuspecting ball carrier, and he is nearing the interception record, currently held by a certain Mr. Hogarth…


turner.jpgAnd then there’s Rob Turner. Our fearless leader wearing 17. Veteran QB who constantly strives for perfection. And says “Come on guys” a lot. He has the pleasure of touching me up every play, and I’m sure, even though he won’t admit it, loves every second of it. Lesser spotted these days with baby issues, his status is questionable for next year. No doubt he’ll pop up just before the first game though. After warm ups of course…


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