Building up to Wembley…

Two big stories this week, firstly, despite claiming to have been there, Mark Gilbranch is adamant that Nepal and Pakistan are linked by the Khyber Pass. Needless to say the quizmaster thought different (it’s actually Afghanistan and Pakistan), and when he had a chance to redeem himself he only managed to shoot himself in the foot, adamant that “argus” and “golden” are types of eagle. Again the quizmaster responded in his usual dour manner, gently explaining that they are in fact breeds of pheasant. Cue much hilarity from the rest of the quiz team. I should just say that Mark’s finest hour came when i was able to convince him that Long John Silver’s parrot (from Treasure Island) was in fact called Polly. Sleep easy knowing that your child’s education is in the hands of people like Mark Gilbranch.

But the second piece of news is really the build up to Wembley. So, it’s finally upon us, this Sunday, 28th October, the New York Giants “visit” the Miami Dolphins in a sell-out Wembley stadium. 89,999 people will join me in the stands, many not really supporting either side, but just elated to see the NFL back in England. Many people have been saying that this being a regular season game means that it’s much more high profile than in years gone by, when two sides would come to Wembley for a pre-season fixture, and you’d only get to see back up players. Well, seeing as Miami are led by the mighty Cleo Lemon at QB, and the pounding running of Jesse Chatman, i’m not sure it’ll feature as many of the star names as predicted. Interestingly, NFLUK still promote three “star players” on the Miami roster who won’t be taking any part in the game. Chris Chambers (traded to the Chargers), Trent Green (on IR following serious concussion), and Ronnie Brown (torn ACL) will not be on the field at Wembley, but are still classed as “ones to watch”. Perhaps they need to update the website…

 From the Gladiators point of view, the talk surrounds the Great British Tailgate Party which will kick off at 12 noon on Gameday. We’re expecting big crowds, and hopefully lots of publicity for the event.

 So, with 5 days to go, all eyes are on the Wembley arch, and hopefully something really special. Roll on Sunday…


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